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5 wine apps for your smartphone you must try

Are you a wine enthusiast and are you looking for applications that can help you hack your way through the jungle of food pairings?


This is by far the most popular app because it is very clear and simple to use.

How it works: by simply scanning the label of any wine, in a few seconds you will gain access to all of its organoleptic characteristics, prices and user ratings and reviews. If you do not have a label at hand, just type in the name of the wine or go to the “search for wines” section and choose from the categories displayed. After identifying your wine, you can buy it online or find the nearest retailer. You will be able to access the world of pairings with advice for all dishes, right from white or red meat and fish, up to desserts. Finally, this app will also give you the opportunity to save the wines you love the most in the “favourites” section and share them with all your friends directly on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

How much it costs: it is a free app but you can purchase the Premium version to access more exclusive content (reviews of well-known critics for example) and create a personal wine cellar according to your tastes.


It ranks among the top international apps for pairing food and wine.

How it works: as with Vivino, by taking a picture of the label or entering the name of the wine, you can access all the information on a specific product and by clicking the link to the shop you can buy it online. With Delectable, you can also consult an extensive database of wine bottles, choosing from the categories suggested and expressing your preferences. By joining the Delectable community, you will know the opinions of renowned industry experts including sommeliers and wine producers and you will be able to write reviews and be reviewed in turn.

How much it costs: there is both a free version and a paid pro version.


More than an app, it is a veritable encyclopaedia of wine.

How it works: take a photo of the label and in a few seconds you will gain access to a wealth of information about hundreds of wines. You will discover the producers, the grape varieties present in the wine, the wine regions, the various denominations, prices and retailers (and you can purchase online in a few seconds and even contact the wineshop keeper). Interactivity is also a good point: you can rate the wines and consult the opinion of other users.

How much it costs: this is a free app with the possibility of extending the features by subscribing to the pro version.


Thanks to an algorithm, this app is able to tell if you are going to like the wine you are choosing.

How it works: through the photos of the wines you have tested, the app develops a sort of profile and when you look for a wine and scan the label an algorithm predicts if it will be to your liking or not, defining the product with the labels “love, like, soso, dislike”. The only “contraindication” of this system is that you must test many wines before it works perfectly!

How much it costs: this is a free app with the possibility of extending the features by subscribing to the pro version.


Very popular and one of the most complete; it really suits everyone.

How it works: with Vinocell you can search more than 1 million wines in the database. The search engine features over 40 fields and 50 different descriptors (name, region, denomination, maturity, colour, alcohol, etc.). You will have the opportunity to create a customised wine cellar, take advantage of professional ratings by consulting 70 world guides and find a wide range of tips for pairing your wine with different dishes.

How much it costs: this is a paid app and costs € 9.99

Food and wine paring

How to combine wine and food to enhance its taste. Here is a table with tips for combining Grande Alberone red, rosé and white wines with your favorite dishes.

Perfect with stews, roasts, game and strong cheeses Grande Alberone Quintus.

Best served with roast meat, stews and strong cheeses, red wines as Grande Alberone Platinum Collection and Black Bio.

It pairs with cooked or boiled meats, cheeses, soups and grilled vegetables: red wine Grande Alberone La Forza.

For an excellent aperitif, perfect with fish, white meat accompanied by salad and vegetables we suggest Grande Alberone rosato o bianco.