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5 wine tours in Italy for real #WineLovers

Experiential tourism is a rising trend that is spreading like wildfire throughout Italy in the most diverse areas: truffle finding in the Langhe, pottery making in Umbria, classes in Emilia Romagna for learning how to cook real Bolognese lasagne with Mrs Maria… these are all educational and exciting experiences that you will treasure among your most authentic memories.

If, until some time ago, visiting our country meant discovering lakes, mountains, the sea and cities of art and only occasionally stopping for tastings, nowadays the demand for local experiences that translate into real opportunities to discover the most genuine, ancient, traditional and hidden side of the country is increasing steeply.

The world of wine as well is adapting to this change in the general approach to travel. In Italy, a country where many winemakers produce great wines, we have a lot to offer in this sector too: our majestic landscapes, the bond with the territory, the art of winemaking and the faces of those who have been producing wine for decades.

Intrigued by the offer and aware that you will make the most of it, we have selected 5 inspiring experiences for you:

Wine path in Cortaccia

Ready for a plunge into the wilderness? Wear comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing, a wine glass holder around your neck and set out on a guided journey towards wine awareness and education in the viticultural village of Cortaccia, in the autonomous province of Bolzano. During the trip, which lasts about 4 hours, you will enjoy the perfumes, places and flavours of wine, stroll through the vineyards, taste fine wines and learn about the lifecycle of wine. There are 13 sensory stops along the way, as many as the scented amphorae, containing aromas for you to savour, hung in various strategic points. The tour also envisages 3 stops at local wineries to taste wines produced with native grape varieties such as Moscato Giallo, Gewürztraminer and Lagrein. A truly unmissable experience that you will remember for a long time.

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Etna Wine Train

Wine lovers, get on board the Circumetnea train. We are on the slopes of Etna, where the tour that begins at the station of Riposto and ends in Randazzo allows you to discover a startling side of Sicily with stops at the best wineries and authentic villages. Your fellow passengers: tourists, sightseers and expert oenologists. From the train wagons, which run along narrow, winding railways, you can admire spectacular scenery and an unusual landscape along the Etna villages nestled in the countryside. In Randazzo, the line’s terminus, you get on board a bus and the tour continues at some private cellars where the families are eager to share with you the story and secrets of the art of winemaking. During the tastings, you can enjoy not only wines but also cheeses, cured meats, jams, fruit compotes, desserts and traditional specialties. Afterwards, you can walk between the rows of vines with a local guide.

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Toast in a castle in San Pancrazio Salentino

If you are a wine enthusiast and a lover of art and history you cannot miss this tour. The participants are guided by experienced winemakers and sommeliers. You’ll be visiting the local vineyards of Primitivo and Malvasia Nera di Lecce and then the winery to learn how wine is produced. The next step is a visit to the Wine Museum and a guided tasting inside the evocative Castello Monaci. The duration is about 3 hours. On request it is possible to dine by candlelight in the castle’s charming private mansard with a personal waiter.

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Electric bicycle tour in the Amarone countryside

Designed for the sportiest travellers who love riding during spring days. The departure is from the centre of Verona. The maximum number of participants is 8 and the group leader is an expert guide. The duration of the tour is 4 hours, during which you will cycle across the Valpolicella hills, among vineyards and olive trees. The 20 km ride guarantees breath-taking landscapes along the green and fertile hills of the area studded with beautiful Venetian villas. The tour envisages a stop at a local winery to taste, under the guidance of an expert sommelier, the celebrated Amarone.

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Puglia Wine School Tour

For real “brainiacs”, this tour takes place inside the historic mansion that houses the Oil and Wine Museum in the town of Squinzano, in Puglia.

The participants sit in the “wine tasting room” and industry experts guide them into the discovery of the most important local vines. Of course, there will also be a tasting and you will learn how to pair food and wine. The traditional dishes prepared for you match perfectly the wines offered for tasting.

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Region after region, from north to south, wine is the testament of a specific piece of land and within a glass you can also find the landscape, the poetry and the kitchen from which that nectar comes to life. Talking about Italy with wine is our mission. Continue the tour in the WINE REGION GRANDE ALBERONE section.