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An amazing journey through the Italian world of wine

Grande Alberone, the essence of Italy in a sip

To the north, the Alps with their glaciers, the sharp difference in temperature between day and night and the cold winds of a typically mountain climate. Just below, the Pre-Alps where the temperature is milder, the mountain ranges are interspersed with the valley floor and the sub-continental climate gives structure and longevity to some native vines. Hills under vines as far as the eye can see in the sunset of central Italy.

Going southwards, the coasts whipped by the winds and the friable and stark soils in a land of confluence, where the red wines of the South, full-bodied and intense, take the colours, aromas and flavours praised since the times of the ancient Romans.
Hills, mountains and plains that alternate on the Italian island located furthest south, the most colourful, where the red grapes, perpetually kissed by the sun, enjoy a slow and gradual ripening.

Imagine these complex and seductive evocations inside a stem glass and get ready to set sail with us for a tasteful journey throughout Italy!

A Grand Tour, just like the trip undertaken in the past by many young people from all over Europe to learn about the natural and artistic treasures of the Bel Paese, but this time to celebrate Italian wine, which is one of the ambassadors of our know-how. We start from the Alps and reach the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Imagine expert winemakers ready to face unexpected events to ensure an excellent harvest of the grapes that have reached the correct ripeness.

Loris Delvai
Loris Delvai
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Italy cultivates a bewildering variety of grapes and is also one of the European countries with the greatest number of denominations of origin (DOCG, DOC and IGT). Grande Alberone is the sensory experience of a vineyard that embraces Italy through and through, the wisdom of different traditions and cultures specific to each territory, a virtual journey from north to south without leaving the reassuring walls of our home.

Loris Delvai

Picture the imagination, sensitivity and genius of the winemaker, cleverly combined and blended to create a unique nectar capable of inebriating and taking you to the heart of Italian wine taste.

Exercise patience, which will be rewarded in terms of aromatic bouquets, colour, flavour and finish. Uncork and pour. The unique and unmistakable character of Grande Alberone, handed down year after year, sip after sip, reveals completeness and elegance.

Can you see the rows of vines at twilight, still cloaked in the morning mist, laden with grapes covered with dew, waiting for a faint ray of sunlight to gleam through the haze? Can you hear the chatter of friends or family members who are finishing their Sunday lunch in a country house? Their faces glow with contentment as they hold a glass, now almost empty, of the wine that has accompanied their lavish and sumptuous Italian meal and that now is a pleasure in itself.

And can you feel the incomparable charm of the wine landscapes, areas entirely devoted to viticulture, which offer in every season breath-taking views, chameleonic colours and interesting perspectives?

Last but not least, the minerality and the slight tangy sensation that could evoke the salty wind ruffling your hair as you taste wine in one of the many beachfront restaurants… Grande Alberone, a great passion for our land and a Grand Tour for your senses and palate, to take you straight to the heart of Italy!