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Grande Alberone, an Italian passion for the world of wine

Explore with us the Italian regions and the food and wine stories behind Grande Alberone’s wine line.

It would take twenty or more years to drink all Italian wines, tasting a new one every week. In Italy, wine is an ancient art and also history, land-rootedness, faces, traditions, myths and the know-how of peasants and winemakers, the custodians of this inestimable cultural heritage. Region after region, from north to south, wine is the testament of a specific plot of land and inside a glass you can also find the landscape, the poetry and the cuisine from which that nectar comes to life. Portraying Italy through wine is our mission. We have taken on the arduous task of selecting only a few vine varieties to produce Great Italian Wines capable of narrating the story of many small skilful winemakers. Aware that wine is chosen on the basis of a universe of uses, symbols and customs that make us reflect on its essence, its origin and the feelings it arouses, we want to take you to the lands that have generated the precious grapes which are the ambassadors of our concept of Made in Italy.

Puglia: the land of trulli, old olive trees and great red wines

With Grande Alberone in the home to Primitivo and much more…


Crystal clear sea, precipitous cliffs, limestone rocks shaped by the action of the sea and the winds, blinding light and white everywhere. Trulli here and there and the perched villages of Valle d’Itria with their narrow alleys which, during summer evenings, after sunset, give off a tantalizing scent of roasted meat, bombette to be precise, typical pork rolls stuffed with cheese that are cooked inside “stoves”, very special ovens that are found at butcher’s shops.

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Tre Venezie: All-round food, wine and cultural experiences

A mosaic of ethnic groups, customs and traditions in a borderland

Tre Venezie or Triveneto, if you prefer. Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol, three regions which are geographically cohesive but divided into many micro areas, each with its own distinct identity. Borderlands, vast and complex territories which have been shaped by many peoples, each with its own culture and traditions, which over the years have settled in the area and made it the rich and extraordinary place we know today.

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Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol: alpine excellence and high-altitude wines

From the Italian region located furthest north, many traditions and a vine variety rich in history and fragrances

For mountain lovers it is synonymous with ski resorts (among the most exclusive in Italy) and hiking trails along which to venture, map in hand, during the summer. For many, it is the favourite destination to immerse in holiday spirit by visiting one of the many Christmas markets held in picturesque villages, walking with a steaming cup of mulled wine (Glühwein).

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Sicily: a triumph of flavours, a rainbow of colours and a land of excellent wines

From the Italian home to street food, vigorous and unforgettable white wines

Sicily, a generous land where the sun shines, the sea sparkles and the volcanoes puff. Baroque and folk are the adjectives that fit her best. The great ancient civilizations left here an incredibly valuable heritage. Just think of the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site with important Doric temples dating back to the Hellenic period, or cities such as Syracuse and Taormina, with their renowned and perfectly preserved Greek theatres. The influences of the remote Arab and Byzantine dominations that have left a mark on architecture, place names and cuisine are also evident; food is one of the cornerstones of tourism in Sicily.

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