Puglia: the land of trulli, old olive trees and great red wines

With Grande Alberone in the home to Primitivo and much more...

Crystal clear sea, precipitous cliffs, limestone rocks shaped by the action of the sea and the winds, blinding light and white everywhere. Trulli here and there and the perched villages of Valle d’Itria with their narrow alleys which, during summer evenings, after sunset, give off a tantalizing scent of roasted meat, bombette to be precise, typical pork rolls stuffed with cheese that are cooked inside “stoves”, very special ovens that are found at butcher’s shops.

Welcome to Puglia, a region rich in history, where traditions are still alive, the connection with the earth has never been lost and most of the surface is devoted to agriculture. It is an ideal destination for food and wine tourism, as also evidenced by the fact that two seaside resorts are unmistakeably named after foods: “Punta Prosciutto” and “Pane e Pomodoro Beach”.

In Puglia, a typical breakfast consists of very soft focaccia; fruit and vegetables at the local markets are a triumph of colours, bread is delicious everywhere (especially in Altamura), orecchiette are a religion, burrata is always fresh, taralli are kneaded by hand, raw fish can be eaten on the rocks and everything is fried, from panzerotti to broad beans and olives.

The dry climate and often barren, arid and infertile soil make Puglia the perfect region for growing vines and olive trees. Viticulture has been practiced since ancient times and dates back to the period before the Phoenicians, who introduced new vines and more innovative techniques. Fascinated by the persistence, intensity and generosity of the red wines of this Region (which are the undisputed rulers of the vineyards), we have selected for our wines the true jewels of indigenous viticulture: Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera.

Not for nothing is this wine called Primitivo: in fact, among all the grapes found in Puglia, it is the one that ripens the earliest and also one of the most important vines of this region.

With naturally high alcohol content and an intense colour, this grape variety has a great potential. The wine obtained is assertive and deep, characterised by pleasant Mediterranean scents and a particularly refined tannic texture.

According to some, its name derives from the dark colour of the berries and the bitter taste of the grapes. For others it means “twice as black”.

What is certain is that Negroamaro, in its best vintages, is able to express incredibly intense aromas, which are well suited to the production of wines featuring excellent olfactory purity.

Malvasia Nera is a grape type whose origin is to be found in Ancient Greece. Cultivated mainly in the provinces of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi, this vine variety reaches its utmost expression under the sun of Puglia. In the south of Puglia, Malvasia Nera is traditionally used together with Negroamaro and Primitivo to create outstanding blends, which produce enveloping sensations.