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Tre Venezie: All-round food, wine and cultural experiences

A mosaic of ethnic groups, customs and traditions in a borderland

Tre Venezie or Triveneto, if you prefer. Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige-Südtirol, three regions which are geographically cohesive but divided into many micro areas, each with its own distinct identity.

Borderlands, vast and complex territories which have been shaped by many peoples, each with its own culture and traditions, which over the years have settled in the area and made it the rich and extraordinary place we know today.

The varied and fascinating landscape deserves to be explored far and wide because it offers everything: sea, mountains, lakes, hills, plains and cities of art.

Nature has certainly been generous with this territory, which also hides treasures for the palate through which you can enjoy the taste of its multi-faceted past. Some local products are known all over the world, such as Prosciutto di San Daniele, radicchio di Chioggia IGP and Prosciutto di Sauris, just to name a few.

Tre Venezie - Vigneto

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, you must absolutely visit the “osmize”, typical peasant houses and wineries where you can taste local products such as Cjarson, typical ravioli of the Carnia region stuffed with meat and potatoes.

Veneto is a culinary mosaic: in Venice, stop for refreshment at the “bacaro”, a small tavern with few seats where you can eat “cicheti” (delicious morsels) and drink excellent local wines. In the province of Vicenza, in the small town of Sandrigo, creamed cod is a must.

Tre Venezie - piaceri della tavola

In Trentino Alto Adige – Südtirol, stop at the “masi”, where you can taste the ancient traditional recipes of the Dolomites such as speck and spätzle.

It would be a pity not to accompany these delicious dishes with one of the many wines that have been produced here since ancient times and that enable a continuous discovery of peasant know-how and the history of traditions.

Fascinated by the magical flavours of this land, we have selected for our wines one of the most important and widespread grape varieties: Cabernet.

It is a vigorous vine type that, although rooted in the characteristics of the local vineyard ecosystem, expresses its own essence as a complex wine with a great personality. Deep ruby red in colour, tannic in body and with a vegetal hint that during maturation develops an extraordinary palette of ageing aromas of tobacco, tanned leather, chocolate and coffee.